Instruments of the Beyond-Nano center of Catania

Transmission Electron Microscopes JEOL JEM-ARM200F, JEOL JEM 2010F,  JEOL JEM 2010  

Sample Preparation Room

Computing Facilities: TEMography software for 3D STEM/TEM Acquisition, Reconstruction and Visualization; WIEN2K; EELS Advisor.


JEOL JEM-ARM200F sub-Angstrom microscope

  • Ceos sextupole Cs aberration corrector on the probe for 0.64 Å STEM
  • 40-200kV cold FEG emitter with 0.27eV energy spread
  • BF/MAADF/HAADF detectors
  • GIF QuantumER with advanced STEM EELS spectrum-imaging package, dual EELS capability, hardware high speed upgrades for up to 1500 spectra/sec
  • EDS Centurio with 100mm2 SSD detector res 127eV 
  • WAC camera for diffraction analyses
  • dry pumping system
  • installed into an active insulated lab

JEOL JEM 2010F Ultra High Resolution microscope

  • 200 KeV FEG emitter
  • Gif 2001 with advanced STEM EELS spectrum-imaging package 
  • BF/HAADF detectors

JEOL JEM 2010 High Resolution Microscope

  • 200 KeV LaB6 emitter
  • LN2 EDS Oxford x-sight 6498 res 136eV 

Sample Prep Rooms

  • Gatan PIPS-II with oil-free vacuum system and cryo-stage
  • Gatan PIPS with oil-free vacuum system
  • Gatan DuoMill600 with oil-free vacuum system 
  • Fischione Model 1020 plasma cleaner
  • Gatan dimple grinder 
  • Gatan ultrasonic cutter 
  • South-Bay diamond saw 
  • Diamond paper grinding system 
  • FIB single beam (provided by STMicroelectronics)