Submit Proposal

1 Beyondnano facilities are addressed to national and international projects and scientific collaborations.

Collaborative project: Access to Beyondnano facilities is allowed through a collaborative project to researchers whose proposals are accepted by the Beyondnano proposal review committee.
Proposals are evaluated and ranked by an Proposal Review Committee based on the following criteria:

  • Scientific merit.
  • Technical feasibility.
  • Need for Beyondnano’s unique or advanced facilities.
  • Experience of the research group required to achieve the proposal’s goals.
  • Availability of Beyondnano resources needed to support the proposed work.

Please describe clearly the specific goals and experiments planned for the new research.

Proprietary work: companies and research institutions seeking to utilize Beyondnano for proprietary work may submit a proposal if the requested instrumentation or expertise is not available in their area. Proposals for proprietary work will be reviewed by Beyondnano''s Proposal Review Committee and be evaluated based on the same criteria as non-proprietary proposals. If approved, there will be an instrument user fee.

Access to University: is subject to the conclusion of an agreement with the National Research Council (CNR)

Limited time free access: Free access to Beyondnano facilities is granted to CNR's researchers whose proposals are accepted by the Beyondnano proposal review committee. Users are expected to have a strong background in transmission electron microscopy, and submitted proposals should include evidence of prior electron microscopy experience by the intended operator. Researchers who do not have sufficient experience in electron microscopy may be able to use Beyondnano facilities through a collaborative project. The limited time free access is established in a total of 4 weeks per year, for a maximum of one week for each proposal.

Before you begin your research

2 Upon approval of your proposal, you will receive an email with instructions and contact information to start your work at Beyondnano. You must: Contact your assigned Beyondnano scientific advisor/contact to discuss the logistics of your project, included in the approval email you received. Discuss your arrival date. Complete all required badging and safety training no later than two weeks prior to your first visit to Beyondnano..

Instrument qualification

3 After completing the required safety training, a new user should contact the Beyondnano scientific advisor in charge of his or her proposal and arrange for the necessary instrument qualification sessions. Instrument instruction will include a demonstration of specific instrument characteristics and will depend on the experience of the user and the goals of the proposed work.

Accessing facilities and performing research

4 Beyondnano allows approved users to schedule instrument time. If a user has exceptional circumstances and needs to schedule an instrument session prior to the 15th of the preceding month, he/she should contact the assigned Beyondnano staff contact. Cancellations within 24 hours of scheduled instrument time will not be accepted and will be counted as a session unless authorized by Beyondnano staff.
All published work resulting from use of this facility must include an acknowledgement to Beyondnano as follows:

"This work was performed at Beyondnano CNR-IMM, which is supported by the Italian Ministry of Education and Research (MIUR) under project Beyond-Nano (PON a3_00363)".

Complete the Beyondnano Proposal Form by clicking on this link: BEYONDNANO online proposal form pdf , doc.

Follow the instructions carefully and be sure to provide the information requested. If you have questions about a technical aspect of your proposed research please contact us.

In addition, all published work resulting from use of Beyondnano must be added to the BEYONDNANO publication database.