Presentation video

This video presents the activity of the Institute for Microelectronics and Microsystems (IMM-CNR) at National research council. IMM is a structure with about 300 employers 200 of them are researchers, and directed by Dr. Corrado Spinella. IMM headquarters is located in Catania, in the premises of STMicroelectronics. Recently IMM has acquired the sub-Angstrom ARM200F and installed into his laboratories thanks to the "Beyond-Nano" project funded by the Ministry of Education and Research. The ARM200F is part of a new class of electron microscopes, called Cs corrected, equipped with a special lens for the correction of spherical aberration, responsible for image distortion. Its sophisticated hardware configuration combines spatial resolution and chemical contrast on a single image, allowing, element by element, the identification of the atomic structure of materials down to the impressive value of 68 picometer of resolution.