Plenary Lecture prof Stephen J Pennycook

At the end of the first Italian EELS school, we have the great honor of welcome Prof Stephen Pennycook who is widely considered to be the father of electron microscopy of now days. Prof Pennycook is currently professor in materials science at the University of Tennessee, USA, author of more than 400 articles, with an H-index greater than 60. Prof Pennycook has written numerous books and is the undisputed leader of electron microscopy having laid the foundation of both theoretical and experimental modern microscopy.

Our idea is to offer the audience of the University of Catania, and in particular to its students, a unique stimulating discussion titled: "fulfilling Feynman's Dream: Make the electron microscope 100 times better" - are we there yet?
Which will be held Thursday, May 29th of February at 12:00 am, at the Aula Magna of the Physics Department, Via Santa Sofia 64-95123, Catania. 
We hope you can share the positive message to continue this exciting work of discovery to the secrets of the single atom.